This feels to us like the most significant election in our lifetimes.

The outcome will likely be decided by just a handful of states. And make no mistake: attempts are being made right now to unfairly tip the playing field and influence the vote—from voter intimidation to outright misinformation.

In response to this reality, Movement Voter Project has identified 42 local groups working in key battleground states to fight voter suppression, mobilize voters, and build infrastructure that will lead to lasting change. All net proceeds from this fundraiser will be distributed by Movement Voter Project to these grassroots organizations working on the ground.

States of Change was organized to support this meaningful and much-needed work.

A message from Movement Voter Project

Movement Voter Project is honored to partner with States of Change and world-renowned  photographers to support critical voter organizing in the top five battleground states. Together, we are funding incredible local organizations that will get out the vote in the final weeks and continue their vital life saving work beyond election day.

Terms and Conditions

We are thrilled to be offering affordable art in support of Movement Voter Project. But it is also our duty to protect our artists' interests. By purchasing this artwork, you agree to do so under the following conditions:

(1) You must not display the artwork in a museum, gallery, exhibition, or otherwise public nature, without the express written consent of the artist.

(2) You must not resell the artwork without the express consent of the artist.

(3) You are a human making an individual purchase, and not a bot designed to make rapid purchases.

(4) You agree to not make any further copies of the image after its purchase.

All sales are final. Because all net proceeds are being donated to Movement Voter Project, refunds will not be possible.

This is not a typical ecommerce store. Every effort will be made to fulfill orders as quickly as possible, but depending on the number of orders we receive some may take several weeks or longer to arrive. In the event of an extended order fulfillment time, we will provide regular updates about fulfillment status.

About the prints

Prints are available for $150 plus shipping costs. All images are printed on the same size paper, 10 x 12", with at least a 1.5" border on all sides. This means that the printed area is 7 x 9" or smaller. The actual printed area varies for each image depending on aspect ratio. Prints are available in a non-numbered open edition and are unsigned.

All prints are made on Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310. This is a premium 100% cotton paper that offers the look and aesthetic of the original darkroom baryta fiber print and complies with the ISO 9706 standard for maximum longevity. Prints are made from digital files using archival inkjet printing—sometimes referred to as pigment printing, or gicleé printing. This method is the current industry standard for photographic printing.

Printing services for this fundraiser are being provided by Light Work. An amount of $15.50 will be deducted from the cost of each print to offset expenses for production and fulfillment. All net proceeds go to Movement Voter Project.

About us

States of Change was made by a small group of artists and friends trying to make a difference. We are Matthew Booth, Trevor Clement, Jim Goldberg, Gregory Halpern and Alessandra Sanguinetti. Creative direction was contributed by Korey Vincent / FEEL, and web development by Mitchell Barton. Alice Braccini and Violetta Group generously helped with PR.

For their generous assistance and support we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Katherine Bernard, Claire Davis, Jason Fulford, Africia Heiderhoff, Kristen Lubben, Nicole Meade, Susan Meiselas, Ahndraya Parlato and Jody Rogac.

Thank you also to Aaron Bartley, Kenneth Blazejewski, Dan Boardman, Parker Bryant-Carty, Svea Elisha, Julie K. Herman, Ryan Krueger, Shane Lavalette, Becky Marris, Melissa Neulander, Jamie Pershing and Daniel Suleiman.

Contact us

We can be reached by email at Please check the FAQ before writing with questions.

For press, reach / +1 323-570-7690